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Consumer Behaviour Name Course Instructor Date Question 2 Advertisement plays a significant role in creating a strong image of good or a service to consumers. Marketers should comprehend the concepts of consumer behaviour while designing their adverts. The advertisements should be catchy and communicate pertinent information to the intended consumers.


Marketers use this aspect to encourage consumers to purchase a certain product that solves a specific problem. In other words, marketers encourage consumers that if they use the company’s product or service everything will be solved or fixed. A perfect example of this is a Viagra advert where the ad shows a couple dissatisfied with their relationship. After a while, the ad shows the difference that could be if the man took Viagra. This is a great advert demonstrating the need of recognition for the target consumers (Sara and Neslin 2011, 72-86). In this case, the advert manipulate consumers that it is not right to have a boring a relationship, and goes on to convince them that Viagra can fix erectile dysfunction. This ad helps consumers imagine having a desired relationship. To appeal to consumers, the ad shows a couple dancing and having fun after taking Viagra. B The second step is hedonic and utilitarian value. Arguably, ad involves building a strong personality for a product or service, from which customers may project images like the value of product users (Ali, Esfahani, and Jafarzadeh 2012, 260). The Utilitarian ad focuses on the product quality. A perfect example of such an advert is the dove nourishing body lotion ads. ...
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