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Essay example - Business Model Canvas Report Google corporatio

Business Model Canvas Report Google corporatio Essay example
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With the internet and its component technology known as the Search Engine, a person is taken to any website where much information can be acquired about a needed subject or topic. One of these sites or Search Engines is Google. The main purpose of this paper is the in-depth analysis of Google Corporation…

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.Google Corporation provides a variety of services such as browsing, advertising, and chatting. The selection is almost endless. Through the notion of customer segments a company can identify its favorable and more likely customers who desire to utilize its services. Google Company divided its customers into two main categories:
1- Regular Internet Users: through the invention of the Google search engine, Google plus and the browser Chrome, Google has reached a massive proportion of end-users around the word. For example, in 2008, in America only, the company’s search engine recorded 127 million users.
2- The Business Sector: Due to the magnificent features of AdWords, Google has been able to help a lot of investors and companies to advertise their products and attempted to deliver them to a large number of customers.
Therefore, these two groups have different desires and needs that need to be fulfilled. The Regular Internet Users usually tend to look for general information, whereas in the business sector users try to concentrate on meeting their business requirement.
Value proposition:
Due to the multiple services that Google Corporation provides, the company has attracted a huge number of users gradually. Especially, since the establishment of the company and due to the invention of its remarkable search engine, Google succeeded in delivering its idea to people. The company’s value proposition is tremendously high because of the popularity Google enjoys. ...
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