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Viral Marketing of FMCG Using Social Media Background Viral marketing or viral advertisement is a recent buzzword in the field of marketing (Blythe, 2006; Scott, 2010). Viral marketing is defined as a marketing phenomenon that fosters and influences people to go through the marketing messages created by companies (Hutchison, 2013; Allen, 2008).


The best example of viral marketing is Hotmail, which offer free e-mail services to users (Bryce, 2007). Whenever a user sends e-mail to others, there is an integrated viral add, which also gets sent to the recipient about signing up for a Hotmail account. I found the use of viral marketing is increasing at a rapid pace and marketers are considering it as one of the most useful marketing tools (Woerndl, Papagiannidis and Bourlakis, 2008). Moreover, I found this topic to be enjoyable as well as challenging. The subject made me think about the degree to which viral marketing using social media can be effective for a company involved in the business of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). I would therefore like to study on the effect of viral marketing on the FMCG companies. In simple words, how viral marketing improves business process and performance of an FMCG company will be studied. Approach In order to address this topic I will be carrying out both secondary as well as primary research. The secondary research will help me to analyse what eminent authors have portrayed about the importance of viral marketing for a company involved in FMCG business. However, the concern with secondary research is the availability of information. Since, the topic is comparatively new, there is a limited scope of getting vast literature about the area of concern. ...
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