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Marketing Strategy Analysis Background Challenges witnessed in marketing management within the context of the modern day phenomenon have been a major concern for organizations of the 21st century. Based on a similar aspect, the article titled as “BMW, Audi, Mercedes Bring More Diesels to US Market” by Clothier (2013) reveals the marketing strategies currently being practiced by few of the globally renowned automotive brands.


Similarly, Audi has also been focused on selling its diesel car models, such as A3 hatchback, Q7 sport-utility vehicle and A8 Sedan over the past few years in the global markets and further intends to launch more innovative and energy efficient car models, including A6 and A7 Sedans and Q5 SUV in 2014. Mercedes, another renowned brand in the global automotive industry has also been offering diesel cars in its SUV, E class and S Class Sedan models. The company is also reported to be planning for introducing four diesel models in its C-class product line, in order for enhance fuel efficiency along with maintaining performance and power of the automotives (Clothier, 2013). Therefore, the article empirically depicts that marketing strategies are aimed at rewarding companies with competitive advantages and better profit gaining scope along with offering sustainability to the firm. ...
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