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International Business Case Studies Assignment A case study is an involving task which is based on several factors that affect a business. All these factors should be considered in ensuring that businesses perform as expected (Goddard, 2006:16). For example, Nestle is a firm that is hell-bent on innovation and renovation (Babbie, 2010:21).


With such manoeuvres, it is more likely to attract many more customers in the market. However, a stagnant business that rarely makes changes in the management, service delivery and customer care will rarely make positive growth. In counter reactions to such situations, Nestle employs the “four pillar“solution. This includes innovations and renovations, operational efficiency, consumer communications and delivery of goods. The case study was practically knowledgeable as it shed light on the following activities in a business. The first approach in case study on Nestle was directed at observing the current operational excellence and evaluate its effects on the business (Jackson, 2008:11). The management is concerned about all activities that are in the business and how they are conducted. This will give the people in control information on all the activities of the business and how each of the activities is affecting the business (Hitt, Duane and Hoskisson, 2012: 43). For example, the company is not interested in the short term profits that could jeopardise the firm’s performance in the long run (Chopra, 2009:12). This is a serious problem that could jeopardize the performance of the business (Moran, Braaten and Walsh, 2013:16). ...
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