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XYZ Consulting Limited Marketing Consultants Report On Improving Business To Business Marketing in TCL Business Student Name: Course: Instructor: Submission date Report commissioned by: David Thorpe and Angela Brown, TCL From: John Smith, XYZ Consulting Ltd Number of Words: 2972 words REPORT SUMMARY This report analyses and provides recommendations on how TCL can restructure its marketing mix, how the business networks and relationships impacts TCL’s business, how it can rearrange its sales team for effective impact at low cost.


t climate, while still cost cut. In addition the sales team need be organised based on customers and products. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Over the past two years most small and medium businesses have been badly impacted by the recent economic downturn with TCL not having been spared from the impact. During this period most businesses are cutting costs in order to remain competitive in the business, this grossly affects TCL’s business as its revenue stream is mostly reliant on the marketing budgets that companies set. Over the past year, with reduced business, TCL recorded a drop in revenue by 25%, and the business is increasingly finding it hard to get new business and establish new clients. ...
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