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Romans introduced the British taste buds to wine around two thousand years ago. Wine has become an elegant addition to special events for the English Community. UK alone allows wine lovers to choose from four hundred different wine producers


According to Mintel (2012), English wine has augmented in the market in the past few years. Also, UK wine consumers distinguish quality of English wine and think that it has improved. Moreover, purchasing English wines supports the local producers (Mintel, 2012). With the wide range of variety in English wines the producers known as the English Wine Producers (EWP) promote wines with the help of EWW i.e. English Wine Week (English Wine Week, 2013). It is a fact that EWW did not focus on attracting customers at large ground and this resulted in low awareness towards the growth of the industry. Digital marketing and poor idea communique resulted in a major setback to the EWW. The main media campaign objectives are To augment the awareness of EWW among UK consumers To increase the visitors and vineyard owners participation To improve database To improve communication media. 2. Appraisal of the media and schedule to be used for image and awareness media including reach of the target audience For maximum result of media awareness, our budget is divided into Digital Media Awareness and Traditional Media Awareness with a total of ?98,920.20. The breakdown is mentioned below. Traditional Media ?87,862.00 Digital Media ?11,058.20 Total ?98,920.20 The Media Awareness is justified in this section. Awareness Campaign is divided into magazine ads, social media campaign, email awareness marketing and poster media campaign. ...
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