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Global Strategic Marketing Introduction Subway is a well-renowned global restaurant chain established in America which is engaged primarily with selling salads and submarine sandwiches. The first restaurant chain was established during 1965, initially named as "Pete's Super Submarines" which was for the first time renamed as Doctor’s Associates, Inc and later as Subway.


This study will emphasize on identifying the global strategies applied by Subway through relevant theoretical explanations. The study will further focus on revealing the global strategies applied by the company when marketing its products in the foreign markets. Global Strategy of Subway The global presence of Subway has been significantly influenced by its expansion strategies. It can be stated in this regard that Subway has been recent facing a highly fluctuating environment deciphering changing customers’ demands as well as immature market dimensions. Contextually, Subway has adopted a new franchising model, which could be beneficial for effective development of stores and provide better services to customers and thus reward greater competitive advantages in the global market context. To mitigate the problems or restrictions in global expansion when penetrating into foreign markets, Subway adopted the strategy of supporting as well as encouraging franchisees in the international markets which rewarded the company with enhanced competitive features. ...
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