Case Study: On-Campus Parking Policies

Case Study: On-Campus Parking Policies Case Study example
Case Study
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Assignment: 1. Answer questions 2. Create a Mathematical Model 3. Use quantitative and qualitative support PUB 324 CASE STUDY MANDATORY FORMAT YOUR NAME: ____________________________ DATE: _____ CASE STUDY CHAPTER #: _____ What is the problem? This study involves the problem of parking considering the rising number of vehicles in the State University.


I have just been hired by State University to examine the parking problem on its urban campus firm. My role is to assess the current situation of the parking problem of the urban campus and provide recommendations that will be a long term solution to the parking problem. The second problem in the study is that the University is not earning the right amount of revenue from the parking. As the president of the State University observes, the amount of revenue that the car parking business earns is not enough to satisfy the opportunity cost. Apart from meeting the current cost, it doesn’t leave any reserve for savings and for the infrastructure development. I have the task of identifying and implementing ways of maximizing the revenue earnings from the parking space. The third problem is that as the parking business goes on, the constant demand outweighs the supply of the much needed space. This means there will be a risk of shifting priorities to the external clients at the expense of the students and the faculty staff. The implication of this is that the internal clients will not be satisfied and will bear the burden of searching for parking spaces outside the campus. ...
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