Marketing McDonald's in India

Marketing McDonald
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Marketing McDonald's in India Contents Contents 2 SWOT Analysis 6 Introduction 6 The SWOT Analysis 6 Strengths: 6 Weakness 7 Opportunities 7 Threats 8 Conclusion 8 PEST Analysis 8 Introduction 8 The Pest Analysis 9 Political 9 Economical 9 Social 10 Technological 10 Conclusion 10 Porter's 5 Forces analysis 11 Introduction 11 Porter’s Five Forces 11 Consumer’s Bargaining Power 11 Supplier’s Bargaining Power 12 Existence of Substitute Products 13 Threat of New Entrants 14 Threat of Rivalries 14 Conclusion 15 BCG Matrix analysis 15 Introduction 15 BCG Matrix Analysis 16 Conclusion 17 7 P’s Marketing Mix Analysis 18 Introduction 18 The 7P’s of McDonald’s 18 Product 18 Place 19 Promoti


Ltd. Ever since its launch; there has been significant amount of internal and external threats that have been faced by the brand on a regular basis. The SWOT Analysis Strengths: The brand McDonalds presents the American culture in the customized Indian menus, which is a huge take home for Indian consumers. The big and established brand name of McDonald’s has become a part of the lifestyle of today’s India, and youngsters in the age group of 18 -25 finds it as an enriching and satisfying experience while satisfying their taste buds. ...
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