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Coke Promotion- Report Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Date Abstract With growing awareness of the benefits of non-carbonated, healthy beverages, the carbonated market sector has been gradually declining in various parts of the world.


Contents Contents 3 1. Introduction 4 1. Introduction Coca Cola boosts of having the highest brand equity in the world. According to surveys, one of the most recognized words in the world is “Coca Cola”. The product Coca Cola continues to dominate the carbonated drinks market despite sturdy headwinds and is well ahead of its competitor Pepsi. Considering a slow but steady move towards non-carbonated healthy drinks, the product has faced mounting pressure to boost and enhance its promotional activity across the globe in order to maintain market share which has seen a decline from 2005-2010 (Euromonitor International, 2011). This report shall investigate and describe the promotional mix and strategies that have enabled the Coca Cola brand to uplift and maintain the leadership of its carbonated Coke beverage across the globe. 2. Promotional mix From partnerships with renowned international brands to using celebrities in advertisements to keep the youth hooked, Coke has effectively been promoted through all promotional media. In 2006, for instance, Coca Cola distributed approximately 70 million codes of songs inside Coke’s packs which were redeemable at Apple’s i-tunes store (Telecomworldwire, 2006). ...
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