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Advertising and promotion management - Essay Example


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Advertising and promotion management

es. The three conditions define the kind of relationship between the buyer and seller of the product and service. Part I: Current Trends Current trends in advertisement and promotion emerged because of the internet revolution. Some of the advantages that followed the development of the internet include email addressed, internet shopping sites, advertisement blogs, the social networking sites, and many other forms of communication that have increased the levels of efficiency in communication between people.Social networking sites such as the Facebook and Twitter have provides vantage opportunities for advertisers and marketers since they are able to reach large pools of clients and potential clients with relative ease and at minimal costs. Special website pages have been created by advertising firms for the purpose of enhancing the processes of advertisement and promotion. Internet advertisement is valuable because it allows for feedback between the advertisers and the targeted clientele. ...
The past decades have witnessed a generational gap in the sense that the modern consumers rely on modern technological devices for information (Leiss, & Botterill, 2005). Case analyses and researches have shown that vast populations in nearly all parts of the globe no longer read hard print newspapers (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2008; Diamond, 2011, p. 111). They seek all their information online. The development of smart phones and the revolution of the internet have cheapened and eased the access to

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information for many people particularly the urban dwellers. Comparative Analysis The generational gap between the young and the old has not impacted significantly on the utilization of internet resources. The elderly generations in many parts of the world have also converted to heavy internet consumers thus creating an entirely new generation that is based on the internet advertisements (Springer, 2009). Comparisons between the traditional methods of advertisements and the current trends show that the latter carries significant benefits as compared to the former (Hackley, 2005; Egan, 2007). For instance, the current internet advertisement allows the clients and the advertisers or promoters to have interactional sessions on line. The value of feedback helps the advertiser to gauge the mood of the markets and the dominant preferences. This enables them to make significant adjustments on the products and services in line with the demands and requirements of the customer. Another key advantage of the internet-based advertisement and promotion over the traditional forms of advertisement regards the matter of reach. Advertising on the internet costs less, reaches more people while advertisement on


Longitudinal analyses in advertisement and promotion have noticed a significant shift from traditional models of advertisements and promotion to current trends that offer the advantages of lesser costs, a quicker reach to the targeted client…
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Advertising and promotion management essay example
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