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Products and Services Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Marketing Products and Services Cloon Keen Atelier’s Problems and Issues to Be Addressed The firm’s problem is mainly threat of competition in the market place that is poised by other great competitions in the industry.


Cloon Kleen is trying to look for cost effective ways in which it can efficiently market itself and gain competitive advantage. Differentiation has immensely helped the company in retaining its customers due to the uniqueness of their products’ scent. Cloon Kleen’s has had high number of loyal customers, which is approximately 80% due to the uniqueness of their products to their customers who are majorly women of age between 25 and 50. The company has also adopted their own line of body care products due to high differentiation strategy they employee in their products. Cloon Keen uses three different perfumes to create fragrances which are of very high quality and do have authentic aroma that do not smell strange. The company uses print media which shows colored picture of their products thus promoting the products. A fashion magazine which adds value to the products by associating it with other fashion designs advertised in the same magazine. The company has adopted branding and packaging of its kind that is very attractive to their customers. The branding is unique and very beautiful thus attracting many customers especially women who are greatly attracted by colors. The company also believes in verbal interaction with their customers that help them improve on the quality of their products through their customers’ suggestion. ...
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