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Marketing Professional Practice Assignment Name Institution of affiliation Date 1. Background of Turning Point The Turning Point is the 4th attempt by the Christian Community since 1970 to set up a refuge of recovery for women who are seeking for recovery from drug addiction in Singapore.


Since 1996, The Turning Point has been running a baking therapy for the residents. Volunteers started this therapy. Residents learn the skills of baking and craft work1. Craft therapy stimulates their creativity in a structured and routine program. Imparting spiritual values and coping with skills to residents has always been an emphasis in the recovery program since addiction is often a lifestyle that is bred from a dysfunctional family upbringing. 2. Turning Point Mission, Vision, and Objective Mission Turning Pointaspires to be captains of lives of female ex-substance abusers and ex-offenders committed to Turning Point residential program. Turning Point will use their resources to steer them towards becoming responsible citizens with the help of their families and the community. Vision To help female ex-substance abusers and ex-offenders to recover from the lifestyle of substance abuse, and crime a 2halfway house setting that extends into 3aftercare to facilitate social integration. Turning Point program is based on Christian principles and teachings. ...
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