Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing Communication Table of Contents Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) 4 Volkswagen’s IMC Plan 5 Advertising 5 Internet marketing 6 Social Media 6 Direct marketing 7 Outdoor Billboards 7 Online Banners 8 Personal selling 8 Reference 10 Bibliography 12 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) IMC can be defined as the integration and coordination of different communication tools within an organization that has maximum impact on the customers.


Marketing Mix and its elements are said to be the initiator in the process of marketing the product. Promotion is amongst one of the key elements which form marketing mix. Different promotional activities include sales promotion, advertising, direct marketing, and personal selling. Apart from these sponsorship marketing, database marketing, interactive marketing and public relation also forms a major part of the promotional activities. IMC can further be summarized as the integration of marketing mix tools with the different tools of promotional activities that provides an organization the edge over its competitors.  Volkswagen’s IMC Plan The Volkswagen Group is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world (Volkswagen, 2011). With its latest launch “Polo”, Volkswagen has come out with an innovative ad to attract large number of consumers. The IMC tools used by Volkswagen in the case of Polo have been advertising through both print and electronic media, internet marketing, online banners, direct marketing, etc (Popsop, 2011). ...
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