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  Strategic Leadership 2 Name: Institution:       Strategic Leadership 2 Outside-in thinking refers to a management approach and philosophy that puts the interest of the client before the capabilities of the organization. Organizations that utilize the outside-in thinking method concentrate on satisfying their clients by consistently and efficiently providing a mixture of outstanding services experience and successful results for clients (Adair 2003, p.


31). In addition, choices are made on the basis of internal instincts and knowledge. Nonetheless, this thinking may make an organization to lose contact with clients (Lewis & Pendrill 2000, p. 17). This paper will assess whether or not Wal-Mart has utilized outside-in thinking or inside-out thinking in its various activities. Wal-Mart follows both outside-in thinking and inside-out thinking in its numerous organizational activities. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart’s founder, had employed homespun business knowledge and folksy charm with progressive supply-chain and information technology management to establish the globe’s most sufficient retail company (Walton 2009, p. 553). The company utilized Outside-in thinking under the leadership of one of the chief executive officer, Lee Scott, by embracing environmental and social responsibility. ...
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