Research methods for dissertation- Qualitative Research/ focus group

Research methods for dissertation- Qualitative Research/ focus group Essay example
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Qualitative Research/ focus group Introduction Research can be defined as a systematic process aimed at increasing knowledge. This knowledge can be that of humanity, culture, society or science and can be used to check for the ‘truth’ of facts, check the findings of work done earlier, find answers to new or prevailing problems, strengthen scientific principles, or form new scientific principles (Abramson, 3:1990; Moser & Kalton, 21:1979).


Research Methods When carrying out research, it is vital that a person opts for a methodology depending on the subject of study. In essence, there are two approaches to carrying out a research: qualitative approach and quantitative approach (Babbie, 82:2010). These two research methods vary by their application of measurements and statistics in deductive reasoning (Dey, 67:2003). A quantitative methodology employs measurements and numbers during the analytic process to make deductions that apply to the whole population of interest. On the other hand, a qualitative methodology is a non-numeric method of analysis and often uses quality, opinion, or feelings during the analytic procedure (Strauss, 12:2009, Denzin & Lincoln, 122:2005). Qualitative researchers mainly rely on participation in the process/observing directly, undertaking interviews (direct interviews, in-depth interviews or focus group discussions), and studying documents and materials (Debus & Porter, 12:1986). These primary research methods form the core of inquiry and are sometimes supplemented by secondary research (Babbie, 19:2010). ...
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