Saving the Manatees case study

Saving the Manatees  case study Case Study example
Case Study
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Presented by Professor Subject Date Saving the Manatees Case Study Introduction Tom came up with a plan to save the manatees, large gray-brown aquatic mammals with taper flat bodies. Since the animals are found in shallow slow-moving rivers, canals, estuaries and coastal areas many get killed by running motor boats.


Moreover, Tom had to look for sponsors to fund the advertising and campaigning costs. The national environmental protection agency donated 300,000 United States dollars to assist in creating public awareness about the bill and urge more people to vote for it (Ragsdale 137-138). A linear programming (LP) spreadsheet model would play a significant role in designing how to allocate the provided funds to different advertising agents. The spreadsheet model assists in determining the total impact of using various advertising agents, the total constraints, and the optimal solution. Description of the data The data from the spreadsheet consists of 3 columns. The first column C shows the cost per unit of the advertising medium used in U.S. dollars. The following data represents the objective variables. The objective variables work in maximizing or minimizing numerical values. The value presented on the objective cell is the expected net budget value of the project. The product of C and decision units I give the total cost of advertisement. The second set of data is represented by E showing per unit impact rate. This column represents the constraints. Constraints define any possible variable that a linear programming problem takes. In the data E provided, constraints represent percentage impact of using a certain medium for advertising. ...
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