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Project: General Motors Table of Contents Section A: Organization Information 3 Section B: Products Marketed 4 Section C: Place channels of distribution 5 Section D: Promotion Marketing Communications 5 Section E: Pricing Strategy 6 Section F: Target Market 6 Reference 8 Section A: Organization Information The General Motors is one of the largest and most popular automobile brands in the United States of America in terms of number of units manufactured on an annual basis.


The backdrop behind the inception of the company was the New York Auto Show of the year 1900, which was immensely successful in garnering a lot of positive attention from the masses. Before foraying into the automobile sector through the foundation of General Motors, the founder was highly successful in the manufacturing business of horse driven vehicles in the United States. Talking in regards to the strategy implemented by General Motors, for attaining business growth in the automobile market that provided extremely strong business opportunities as of the early days of automobile manufacturing, it needs to be mentioned that the company focused on growing through acquisition. Though in the very beginning, General Motors was holding only the Buick Motor Company, yet in a very short time the company has acquired Cadillac, Oldsmobile as well as Oakland, which is the modern day Pontiac. The company also focused on strategic acquisition of Opel, which concentrated on the entering the automobile market with their basic patent in the year 1899 (General Motors -1, 2013). ...
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