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Research Proposal Green Marketing: Corporate Strategies of Multinational Companies Table of Contents Chapter I: INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 Background 3 1.2 Research Objectives 3 1.3 Research Questions 4 Chapter II: LITERATURE REVIEW 4 Chapter III: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 6 Gantt chart or Timeline for Conducting the Research study 7 Chapter IV: FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS 8 Chapter V: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 9 REFERNCES 10 Chapter I: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background The focus of the companies towards green marketing shifted in the 80s while during the 90s the legislation related to environmental increased subsequently.


All the countries round the world are concerned about the carbon footprints and its effects. The developed countries have already taken various measures and adopted policies under the Kyoto Protocol. The other developing countries are taking steps towards reduction of greenhouse effect but none of them have accepted the international legal bindings to do so (Ackerstein, and Katherine, 2007; Ginsburg, and Bloom, 2004). This study would be focusing on green marketing, which would not only include the corporate strategies of the multinationals towards manufacturing and selling their products in an eco-friendly manner, but also analyze the other functions of the companies, which also depict their eco-friendly initiatives such as adoption of green accounting, and eco-friendly promotional strategies. Few well-known multinational companies would be chosen to discuss their green strategic framework within which environment friendly production, operation, promotion, supply chain, and even financial practices would be comprehensively discussed. ...
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