Gold Coast Tafe marketing and survey research

Gold Coast Tafe marketing and survey research Case Study example
Case Study
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• To identify GCIT brand’s effectiveness with regards to different segments of the target market
• To identify the financial value of the GCIT and Gold Coast Institute of Tafe brand


This is important because the group should not have conflicts on the issue that is under discussion. In these discussions, future educational course trends and present trends are collected. To conduct focus group research, the candidates are screened to determine the composition of the specific group. The researcher will also avoid groups that have relatives and friends among them to avoid discussion bias. A key factor in focus groups is to have groups that are similar with six to eight groups being desirable. The criteria that will guide the researcher are whether the latter groups generate any additional information (Puchta & Potter, 2009). The moderator has a key role to ensure that the discussion proceeds in the right direction.
In marketing, focus groups are essential tools for getting feedback with regards to launching a new product, for instance launching GCIT to a national and international market (Stewart et al, 2011). These focus groups will allow GCIT as they seek to develop and test a new market, to view, discuss, and test their brand before they make it available to these markets. This will give valuable information concerning the acceptance of the potential market for the institution’s products. ...
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