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McDonald’s Services Marketing Name Institution McDonald’s Services Marketing Executive Summary McDonald’s is among the best and the finest known brands in the world. This paper will extensively expound on the continued efforts by McDonald’s in building its brand through listening to their esteemed customers as well as through the establishment of sustainable services marketing.


The image of the brand effectively represents the way the customers view an organization (Kapoor, Paul & Halder, 2011). Services’ marketing ensures that an organization such as McDonald’s presents and behaves itself in a modern consistent way in order to delivery on its promise of being the best in customer service. Customer service is the backbone of an organization since there is no organization that can operate without customers. It is therefore utmost paramount to establish world-class customer service to the clients in order for any organization to be successful. It is through best practices in services marketing which enable an organization to establish a strong reputable brand as well as effective and efficient customer service. Another factor that effectively supports services marketing includes marketing communication methods that include promotions and advertising and which are effectively used in creating designs, colors and images that give various brands their recognizable faces. The Golden Arches is McDonald’s familiar logo and it is recognizable to its customers the world over due to its exemplary performance in services marketing (Kapoor, Paul & Halder, 2011). McDonald’s faces stiff completion in all its markets from other competitors. ...
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