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[Your full name] [Instructor’s full name] [Course name and code] April 11, 2013 Marketing Marketing refers to the ways companies use to introduce their products in the market and to make people aware of their new products and services. It is one of the main components of success of a company in today’s world of competition.


Some of the main benefits of an effective marketing campaign include market penetration, increased market share, increased market share, increased competitive advantage, and increased awareness among customers about the products of the company. However, in every marketing campaign, managers need to focus on finding an appropriate marketing mix in order to make the campaign successful and profitable for the company. In this, we will discuss the importance of the role of the marketing mix components in the success of businesses operating in today’s competitive business environment. Implementation of an effective marketing communication plan and taking steps to monitor the actual performance of the plan are of significant value for any company to succeed in a competitive business environment. In order to successfully monitor and control the working of the marketing communication plan, companies use marketing mix as one of the main marketing tools. As Belohlavek states, “The objective of a marketing mix is to establish the successive and simultaneous actions to influence the consumer’s or user’s purchasing decision” (11). Finding the right marketing mix holds the central value for the success of any marketing campaign. Marketing mix helps managers in determining the best way to market their products and services. ...
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