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Marketing Strategy for Apple Name Professor Course Date 1. A marketing strategy is one that allows a company to have an advantage over competing parties in the same line of business (Schneiders, 2011). When talking about a marketing strategy, it has to be clear, precise and most importantly; it has to have unique ideas.


In this essay, attention will be focused upon the marketing strategy that apple has used in order for it to be a successful business venture (Smith, Pulford & Berry, 2006). Looking at the marketing strategy, it is clear to anyone that the success of apple is because of the marketing strategy that they use. The product line and the design standards of their products is far too appealing and very user friendly. Using the marketing strategy, they have been able to hold on to their customers and are still attracting more customers with their products. This marketing strategy was used by apple because they want to have an appealing effect and affect on the consumer. Their product lines and designs are unique, and it is because of CEO’s philosophy that they have managed to come this far. The philosophy, which states “The user doesn’t always know what they want”, has enabled the company to be successful. The marketing strategy that the company uses is user friendly, economical, unique in its own sense and offers a variety of choices for consumers. The marketing strategy in question offers the best service and products availability, quantity and quality and enables the company to deliver to its numerous consumers and users (Schneiders, 2011).  2. The marketing strategy on this article is perfect. ...
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