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Branding: Harley Davidson Introduction Branding and marketing have long been central aspects of organizations. While a variety of different perspectives on branding exist, the notion has been understood as a “fundamental strategic process that involves all parts of the firm in its delivery” (Geoffery, 2000, p.


Within this spectrum of understanding, a product’s brand is understood as a dynamic entity constituted by consumer and community engagement. Further considerations examine the economic and identity-forming elements of brand design. This research specifically considers the community-branding and identity-branding models as they are implemented by and exemplified in the Harley Davidson motorcycle company. Analysis Background Harley Davidson is today recognized as one of the preeminent American brands. Fig. 1 below depicts the Harley Davidson logo. While Harley Davidson is a vibrant 21st Fig. 1 Harley Davidson Logo century organization, the company began in the first decade of the 20th century. William Harley and Arthur Davidson founded the organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 (Mitchel 2007, p. 5). The organization’s first productions were not motorcycles, but engines that were featured for sale in a variety of magazines. During the first decade of their existence they experienced gradual growth through the establishment of a variety of factories in addition to the development of full motorcycles. ...
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