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Marketing Name: Institution: Segment Selection The segmentation approach which will be used by Amazon, to market Kindle Fire will be based on behavioral profile of customers. To attract more customers, segmenting Kindle Fire according to the behavior of the customer is likely to allow Amazon to convert its customers into different groups.


The decisions made by consumers are affected by this behavior and this is the reason why Kindle Fire will be marketed successfully under the behavioral segment. This approach has increased the Kindle fire sales made over the years. The rocketing sales are also controlled by the demand and supply forces such that when demand on Kindle Fire declines, the Amazon’s sales are drastically affected. Evaluation Under the behavioral approach of segmentation, the customers will be divided under various segments. Consumers will be evaluated based on their usage rate, the benefits gained, loyalty and occasion in which they use Kindle Fire. There are various ways of growing a business. The first method is as aforementioned; to attract new customers and the second way is to retain the already existing customers. For Kindle Fire to continue existing in the market, Amazon has to maintain a strong customer base (Cheshire, 2012). This is only through customer dependability. Customer loyalty is targeted as one of the behavioral approaches of consumers. The strategies applied to maintain the Kindle Fire’s loyal customers are different from those that are used in attracting new customers. Customer loyalty is hence one of the techniques of determining customers under the behavioral segmentation. ...
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