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Case Study
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Case Study – Marketing Plan Name: Institution: Segmentation and Possible Target Markets Geographic, psychographic and behavioral patterns influence the process of market segmentation by the Coca Cola Company especially in the sales of Coke and Coke Diet.


In addition, the location of the Coca Cola Company is suitable for the consumption of coke and diet coke. This is because both of these drinks initially originated from the United States hence the people identify with the brand. Behavioral aspects of the people of the United States also determine the marketing segment. The people constantly enjoy a soft drink as compared to the other part of the world where beverages like tea possess more popularity. Hence, the United States is a market segment for coke and diet coke based on geographic, psychographic and behavioral patterns (D’Altorio, 2010). The product coke targets towards the whole population in the market. However, Coca Cola Company takes exceptional effort to ensure that various age groups associate with this brand. As a result, teenagers become a market segment for the Coca Cola Company. Teenagers are a notorious market segment that prove hard to impress various times. However, Coca Cola takes up the challenge to identify their brand with the young generation since teenagers constantly consume soft drinks. Teenagers provide a good market segment since they are an ideal target for both coke and diet coke. While Coke aims at the general teenage population, diet coke appeals easily to teenage girls who are health conscious and prefer to consume a low calorie soft drink. ...
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