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Name Course Course instructor Date Marketing Introduction Every company needs to move its products from the manufacturing plant to the end user, who is the customer. The ultimate goal of manufacturing is sales, which gives business to a company. For a company to realize any revenues, it has to sell its products to the people.


This paper will look at marketing in general, as a process of moving products or services from the manufacturers or providers to the hands of their customers. Marketing Definition Marketing is a large process as Pride and Ferrell (3) defines it, encompassing quite a lot of processes. According to Pride and Ferrell (3) “marketing is the process of creating, distributing, promoting and pricing goods, services, and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers to develop and maintain favourable relationships with stakeholders in the dynamic world.” According to this definition, marketing is includes more than just movement of goods from the plant to the customers. Marketing Process Sandhusen (2) defines the marketing process as the manner in which a firm seeks to identify the unfulfilled needs of the customers and coming up with various strategies to meet these needs. It does not involve just the process of moving products from the manufacturing plant to the customers. It involves the various processes that a marketing department goes through in order to come up with a marketing plan. Marketing process involves a number of steps, which include situation analysis in the market to identify the needs of the customers. ...
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