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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Rekindling the Interest in Interontinental Hotel-Holiday Inn Executive Summary The dwindling number of customers necessitated that the InterContinental Hotel-Holiday Inn to come up with a way to lure old customers. The marketing communications plan also included an objective of attaining new and regular customers.


This has necessitated the establishment of marketing communications plan aimed at rekindling the interest of the customers who have deviated their loyalty to other in hotels (Kenneth & Baack 67). For this to happen the marketing and advertising team have to establish the internal and external causes of the customers deviation of loyalty then find a plan to reverse this process in a manner that will benefit both the hotel and its customers. Situation Analysis A SWOT analysis was conducted and the following was ascertained: the strengths of the hotel related to the predicament included; it is among the units of the third most dominant hotel chain in the globe and the most important strength is that the hotel has an unsurpassed marketing and advertising team and vast pool of resources. This gives the hotel an added advantage in the cutthroat competition. The weakness is that the expendable funds had been already allocated to another project thus leaving the marketing communications plan with a limited budget. The opportunity that presented itself is that the city where the hotel is located was recently made the headquarters of an international body and that meant that a lot of foreign dignitaries would be coming to the city and this was a big potential market for the hotel. ...
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