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assignment2 person1

Initially, the target market was Europe, but due to the financial crises that hit the continent in 2011, the country managed to look for other markets, such as Asia, and Africa (Henrichsen and Woodside, 2012). The tourism industry in Mauritius is under the supervision of the Ministry of Leisure and Tourism. The country has a Tourism Promotion Authority whose main responsibility is to organize and conduct some advertising campaigns for the purposes of promoting tourism in Mauritius, both in the global atmosphere, and locally within the state (Haring, 2007). The country also has a Tourism Authority, which has the responsibility of supervising, licensing and regulating the activities of tourism businesses/ enterprises. This also includes canvassers, pleasure crafts and skippers (Boswell, 2008). The success of the tourism industry in Mauritius is based on the fact that the Island has a natural beauty, with a diversified cultural and multi-ethnic population. It has beautiful beaches, a tropical climate, and a water sports arena (Henrichsen and Woodside, 2012). All these play a factor in attracting tourists in Mauritius. Basing on this background, this paper provides a summary of the tourism industry in Mauritius. This report also includes a summary of tourist arrivals in the country, during the periods of 2010, and 2011. ...
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Introduction: Mauritius has managed to move from a third world country, to a second world country because of its diversified tourism sector. Tourism is a major pillar of its economy and a source of foreign exchange…
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The above agencies are assisted by the Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs de li’lle Maurice, which is a non profitable organization established in 1973 to represent and sponsor the interests of hoteliers and restaurant owners (International Travel and Tourism, 2012). Various natural attractions form the pride of Mauritius tourist business. They vary from man-made features, beaches, interesting fauna and flora, to the culture of the indigenous people. The sub – tropical climate is also exceptionally fine for holiday seekers. Five star beach resorts and hotels that offer top class...
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