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However, Metabical has faced competition ever since the FDA approved an OTC drug known as Alli. Therefore, Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals had to come up with new marketing strategies, such as advertisements on TV, radio, celebrity endorsement and printed advertisements in medical publications. Its top priority was to ensure that patients gain knowledge and awareness of the drug. A Metabical potential customer is, therefore, required to make a well informed decision before settling for Metabical drug2. First, an overweight patient should be willing to lose weight either to be healthy or to avoid discrimination from others. Secondly, after an overweight patient is aware of their condition, they are required to start an exercising program and ask health care providers for assistance when they need it. Thirdly, after consulting healthcare providers, the consumers are required to consider and engage a different method that could be easier in achieving their goal of losing weight. Lastly, if all the other methods fail, the health care providers can recommend the use of the Metabical drug under observation. This way, patients can observe their progress in weight loss as well as evaluate the effectiveness of Metabical. ...
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Metabical Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Metabical Metabical is a prescription drug for individuals that are suffering from metabolic disorder. This drug were researched on and produced by the Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). The main reason that led to production of Metabical drugs was and is to help overweight people lose weight to live longer…
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