Formal Written Report and a Creative Marketing Presentation for marketing mix

Formal Written Report and a Creative Marketing Presentation for marketing mix Essay example
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The purpose of the report is to analyses the marketing and the branding strategies of Olay which the company has implemented and currently perceiving the strategies.


Product is the core of any marketing plan for an organization. It is the product that leads the company either towards the success or failure. Products are of many types, the type of product which is dealt in this case is the consumer goods products. Products are those which are consumed or used by the consumers. The brand chosen here is Olay, manufactured by Proctor & Gamble. Olay is regarded as worldwide leader in skincare and the brand is the most trusted by women for around 60 years. The product to be discussed further is Olay, Total effects. This product has been in demand for its features as it claims to fight seven signs of anti ageing problem (Olay, 2012).
In this competitive world, women has been equally at par with their counter partners, the male segment and this has lead to more increase or demand of the grooming section. In order to tackle the issue with regards to skincare P&G has introduced line of products which claims to compliment her youthful looks in every stage of her life (Olay, 2012). Hence it can be concluded that the target market for Olay is the large section of women of all age group who loves to stay good, look good at all age of their lives. The product chosen is Olay Total Effects, which has been manufactured to fight the seven signs of ageing for a visibly younger looking skin. The product line of total effect includes from moisturizing to cleansing and also special treatment for skin and these arrays of products are dedicated towards making her skin look at its best.
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