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Joint Ventures in the Field of Bio-Tech Research Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Biotechnology- The Science Behind 3 Joint Venture in Bio technology Research 4 Joint Venture between Metabolix and Antibioticos S.A 4 Metabolix 4 Antibioticos S.A 5 Recommended Joint Venture Model 6 Reference 7 Biotechnology- The Science Behind Chiesa, and Chiaroni (2005) have defined biotechnology as the technological and scientific application on living or non living and organic or genetic substances in order to produce knowledge, new product or services.


The study has following domains of bio-technology research which have emerged as lucrative domain for strategic alliance between research partners. Research on DNA/RNA In many cases, it has been observed that biotechnology players form strategic alliances in order to conduct research on DNA/RNA amplification, synthesis, sequencing or gene expression profiling in order to develop a new medicine which can cure critical diseases or fillip the scientific development for a particular domain. According to Sherpa Group (2011), almost 64% of bio-tech and Enzyme companies are directly or indirectly related to DNA/RNA research. Research on Proteins Bio-tech companies are also focusing on conducting research on proteomics, engineering or synthesis of proteins and peptides, fabrication of cell receptors etc in order to develop enzymes or medicines for both research and commercial purpose (Sherpa Group, 2011). ...
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