To Investigate How iPhone Maker Apple Competes across the Smartphone Market

To Investigate How iPhone Maker Apple Competes across the Smartphone Market Essay example
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Special Study Project Management Report 1. Title of Research Project How iPhone Maker Apple Competes Across the Smartphone Market 2. Research Objectives To study the marketing strategies of and the perceptions of consumers about the Apple iPhone. 3. Research Background The Apple iPhone was launched in 2007, taking the wireless communication industry into a revolution of their products through the introduction of Smartphone technologies.


There are many iconic products in the world, but few have had the power and impact that has been witnessed in the iPhone. The way in which Apple creates a mythology about its brands and the effect that this mythology has upon the perception of the products made by Apple is of great interest. Many companies would want to mimic or surpass this type of powerful branding. Therefore, studying the way in which the product has been marketed to the public is a powerful tool for understanding how such a phenomenon can occur. 4. Research Design Two types of data contribute to the further understanding of the topic of this research study. Primary and secondary researches were explored in order to more fully understand the objectives of the study as they have been framed by the research questions. Primary data was determined through the use of a questionnaire that would be distributed to appropriate participants. The secondary data was taken from resources that have information that would add perspective to the topic of this study. This data was taken from internet resources as well as books and journal articles. ...
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