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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Retail Marketing: Abercrombie & Fitch Abercrombie & Fitch is a US based company that deals with clothing apparels. The company has outlets in various cities in the world including London. The growth of the company necessitated its expansion to the foreign markets.


Marketing dictates the ability of a retail company to grow. The concern of this paper is to investigate the retail marketing of A&F by evaluating the following areas merchandise range and assortment, marketing communication, store layout, design and visual merchandising, customer, and retail mix among other aspects that have led to the growth of the retail company. Merchandise Range and Assortment A&F began its clothing retail by concentrating on clothes for age range 18 to 22, today the trend has changed and the retail company has brought a wide range of merchandise products in its stores (Funding Universe. 2012:1). The stores in Warwick United Kingdom do not only address the needs of the above age range, but also have brought products for other age ranges. The company retail history reveals that the merchandise stores of the company started with attires geared for sporting adventures, and fishing adventures. The company credits its merchandise ideas to the early ventures in all staffs required for sporting for the above age range. The focus of the retail company today promotes the American wear, which includes underwear, jackets, swimming shorts, vintage polos, and T-shirts (Funding Universe, 2012:1). Other assortments include shirts and sweaters, pajamas, scarves, belts and other assortments, which are styled with the American fashion. ...
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