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The marketing strategy of Apple

This research will begin with the statement that Apple Inc. is a multinational company based in the United States, which specializes in designing, development, and selling of electronics to consumers, including phones, music players, computers, and computer software. Apple ranks second after Samsung, which is the most profitable information technology company in the world. Nonetheless, the success of Apple Inc. is associated with its marketing strategy, which is considered effective. Apple employs a simple marketing strategy, which involves its consumers, thus giving the company an edge over other companies in the information technology industry. However, if Apple could consider improving its marketing strategy, this would guarantee it more profits and continued competitiveness in the market. The marketing strategy of Apple is based on three main important factors. These are trust, communication, and focus. The company believes that it is important to be clear on the information the company wants to pass to consumers through advertisements. This, therefore, results in a focused communication with consumers. On trust, Apple aims at producing quality products, instead of competing with other companies. The high quality of Apple products ensures customer loyalty.  For this reason, Apple does not throw its products at consumers in its adverts; instead, the company only explains how the new product works, including the features that it possesses. ...
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This essay focuses on the marketing strategy of Apple, and how this could be improved using the marketing mix, to ensure more profits for the company. The company puts great efforts in ensuring that its products are highly differentiated from other products produced by its competitors.

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