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Company Analysis Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction The Automobile Association (The AA) is a British company established in 1905 as a motoring association. The company changed operations in 1999 after a demutualization process that saw change of ownership to a private limited company.


59). According to the company’s handbook (1935, p 10), the company began its business by erecting numerous roadside dangers and other warning signs. The company was in charge of road signs until early 1930s when the local authorities took control of the signs. The achievements gained by the company were destroyed when most of their road signs were destroyed during the Second World War. By then, the company had erected approximately 6,500 direction signs and 15,000 village signs (The Automobile Association Handbook). The company published an AA Member’s Special Handbook in 1908. By using the handbook, the company’s clients could find the location of AA agents across the country and mechanics. The clients also received free legal services for one year (Passmore 2003, p. 62). The company has grown from a small company to become on the leading companies in the world. The motor insurance service has grown to become one of the largest in London and the United Kingdom at large. The insurance industry is experiencing growth that is generated by new entrants with new products and way of doing things. It is due to these factors that the company needs to explore means of ensuring that it remains among the best service providers in this industry. ...
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