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Research Paper example - Researching reporting dashboard features for marketing automation tools

Researching reporting dashboard features for marketing automation tools Research Paper example
Research Paper
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Working with Microsoft Access, Excel, or similar software, logical programming and design, are integral for the creation of useful reports from raw data. It is essential to determine the data, how it is to be organized, and the way it should be displayed in final reports…

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The dashboard tool offers six views into one’s business data with basis on user type and needs. Marketing executives can also see summary business intelligence dashboard representing data visually through customizable widgets. In addition, analysts are able to do deep dives for data to attain answers to complex problems through their OLAP interface. It makes insight sharing an easy process; moreover, it is accessible by in-house or third party applications.
Neolane’s marketing analytics technology is organized around three major steps. These are understanding, execution, and monitoring with marketers gaining insight into needs of the customer, followed by measurement through interactive, graphical, and personalized dashboards (Aquino 1). The marketer can analyze and monitor market performance through these dashboards to ascertain efficiency and optimize on their ROI, as well as aid in quickly and effectively piloting marketing activity. Measurements that marketers can carry out using Neolane’s technology include transaction data, marketing data, key performance indicators, and execution data. Moreover, the users can create contact lists using specific measurements like lists of young men between 25 and 35 years ...
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