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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Insert Date International Marketing Introduction Internationalization of businesses is an increasingly important concern for business in the contemporary society. With the complexities of a highly globalised business environment, businesses are finding themselves in challenging situations.


As a result, management of businesses has to constantly review their strategies to adjust to the challenges of internationalization. This paper examines two issues in international markets that have a direct impact on business expansion. The said issues are ethics and the global perspectives of international expansion. The various components of the two issues will be examined for the purposes of creating and understanding and recommending the best means of approaching internationalization. This will be done with close reference to Ooredoo; a leading communications company. Ooredoo Company is an Asian based company that deals in mobile telephony, provision of broadband and other digital technology components like fibre optics among other communication related products and services (Ooredoo 1). Ethics Ethics generally refers to moral principles attached to individuals or organizations on the basis of certain values in the society. Ethics has emerged to be an important issue for organizations globally. With constantly changing trends, issues and values the burden passed to organizations has been overwhelming (Kline 3). As a result, companies with ambition to expand internationally, like Ooredoo, have to understand the issues of ethical concerns in the different countries of operation. ...
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