Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Marketing Essay example
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What are the ethical implications social networking marketing? How does it impact the 4 ps of marketing? In a technology driven world, it has become imperative that social media marketing is a part of the marketing mix of any product or service marketing. The various social networks on the internet have attracted a very high number of users and therefore, it is has become a crucial place where effective marketing can be carried out.


Hence, marketing through the social media and social networks has become very important. However, as this method of marketing is becoming increasingly popular, various scholars and researchers have had concerns around ethical implications. Many marketers also feel very sceptical about the way in which it is difficult to preserve ethics followed in conventional form of marketing, when it comes to social networking marketing (Li, 2008). In this research, the attempt is to find out what are the ethical implications of social networking marketing and how it impacts the ‘4Ps’ – product price, promotion and place of marketing. The study would explore how this new age marketing has ethical implications on the traditional methods of marketing. Marketing and its Changing Dimensions Many scholars have tried to understand and define marketing as well as its changing connotations in the light of technology driven approach. American Marketing Association has defined marketing as a key set of process that is necessary for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers as well as maintaining and growing relationships with the aim of growing the organization, its user base as well as its stockholders (American Marketing Association, n.d). ...
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