Economic Efficiency Analysis of The Dollar Tree Transportation - Case Study Example


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Economic Efficiency Analysis of The Dollar Tree Transportation

Through provision of superior execution processes, solid leadership, demonstrating team work in all its undertaking, acting with integrity in everything it does, Dollar Tree Inc mission will be accomplished through its associates. The company is categorized in the Discount Variety Industry. There were 3219 Dollar stores in 48 states by the year 2007. The stores direct competitors include; 99 cent only, Dollar General and Family Dollar. In this industry, the main competition tool is cost rather than quality. Dollar Tree Inc. key success factors comprise of low cost distribution, economies of scale and tight cost control. In regard to these factors, Dollar Tree Inc. is in the process of growing their customer base and that will see them become the leading force in the Discount Varity Industry (Derdak & Simley, 1988). One way to ensure that this becomes a reality is through acquisition of other stores, opening new stores, and be selling perishable items in the stores so as to make the company a one-stop shop for their customers. This study will try to analyze the economic efficiency of The Dollar Tree’s Transportation. a) Economic efficiency impacts Economic efficiency relates to how well the firm allocates its scarce resources so as to meet the need and the wants of its customers. ...
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Name: Course: Instructor: Instructions: Date: DOLLAR TREE STORES INCORPORATED Dollar Tree Stores Incorporated is a value driven; customer oriented variety store that operates at a one dollar price point. Dollar Tree Inc. was established in 1986 at Dalton GA…
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