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Racism in the Workplace Every individual has the right to work in any organization regardless of their gender, race, age and nationality. There are many reported cases of people being discriminated in their work places because of their race.


Racists feel that their race is superior to the other and therefore they bear qualities that people from the other race do not have. The act of racism in workplaces is a form of discrimination that is persisting in the society and should be dealt with. The most reported cases of racism is between the whites and the blacks whereby the whites feel that they are more superior to the blacks and so they discriminate them at work places. Racism in the workplace breeds hatred, discrimination, friction, distrust and violence among employees. In this paper, I will discuss the forms of racism and how they can be prevented. Racism in workplaces takes many forms which are: Recruitment During the recruitment process, the recruitment staff may exclude ethnic minority candidates from the process. They even decline their applications because they are from the minority group or are people with color yet the organization is owned by whites. They even discriminate them because of their gender insisting that they only hire men. This should be stopped. Working environment Many employees are discriminated in their working place with allegations that they do not have certain skills to take some jobs. The employees from the ethnic minority are harassed and their work loads increased while they work under poor working conditions. ...
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