marketing tools and marketinf operations : case study about Philips ltd

marketing tools and marketinf operations : case study about Philips ltd Essay example
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Marketing Tools and Marketing Operation Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 Company Analysis 5 PESTEL analysis 8 PORTERS 5 FORCES 11 Threat of new Entrants 11 Marketing Strategy of Philips 12 Marketing Tools 17 Recommendations 18 Operations Management Strategy 18 Order Qualifiers and Order Winners 23 Recommendations 24 Conclusion 25 Bibliography 27 Introduction Royal Philips electronics is a global electronics company which is headquartered at Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The vision statement of the company reveals that they are focused on recuperating the lives of people through the use of significant innovative approaches (Philips, n.d.). During the period of 2011 with its whooping sales figures of €22.6 billion the company stood as the market leader in the health care segment and also reached a strong position in the portable entertainment sector and male grooming and shaving segment. The product range of the company includes sound and vision, personal care, mother and child care, household product, home lighting, computer products and phones. Apart from the mentioned categories the company also sells different accessories. Some of the eminent products of the company include Television, portable multimedia like Philips Go Gear, home audio and video system, headphones, shavers & hair removal items, body groomers, bottle feedings for Children’s and fully automated Espresso machines in the house hold category. Other than this the products from Philips lighting segment includes florescent tubes, LED bulbs and different other energy efficient lighting equipments. ...
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