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Project Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Situational analysis 5 Global Marketing Objectives 6 Global Marketing Strategy 8 Marketing Mix Recommendations 10 Issues and challenges 11 Reference 12 Executive Summary It is of considerable importance to highlight the fact that the process of doing business is getting highly complicated in today’s largely connected business world.


Because of this free flow of information, it has to be said that there has been a tremendous rise of competition in the global market place. As of the recent times, many companies are focusing on entering many new markets for the purpose of clocking significant business growth opportunities. It has to be said that this particular project discusses about the internationally acclaimed ethical cosmetic and beauty product offering company Body Shop and its efforts related to entering the market of China. Introduction The world of the 21st century is moving at a rapid pace. The tremendous momentum of the pace is being spearheaded on the basis of fast growth and rapid development. It is of considerable importance to mention that the rapid growth of the telecommunication technology has acted as a major catalyst in promoting tremendous growth for the emergence of high speed internet technology. ...
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