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Huawei Technologies - Lab Report Example

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Lab Report
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Environmental Analysis of Huawei Technologies Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Background 5 Introduction 5 Environmental Analysis 8 Conclusion 14 Bibliography 16 Executive Summary This report discusses in detail that what opportunities and threats will be met by Huawei Technologies when the company will be extending its operations to India, the Asian Tiger…

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Huawei Technologies

Talking about the entity at the same time, Huawei Technologies is a Chinese company which provides one of the leading next generation telecommunications networks services. In terms of networking and telecommunications equipment supplies, it is the largest organization in the People Republic of China. Located in the Longgang District, in Shenzhen, the product range of the Huawei Technologies varies from solutions which revolve around the wireless products , the core network products and applications along with the software. Based on the design of the ASIC chipset , most of the company’s products are designed in the similar way and it makes an efficient use of the shared platforms so that not only quality products are provided to the customers but at the same time, the organization can achieve cost effective manufacturing methods as well. It is firm which operates on the private high tech basis and it has expertise in the research and development along with the manufacture of the communications equipments and the telecom clients that it has are given the customized network solutions as well. ...
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