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Essay example - Globalization, Communication And Postmodernity Describing The Shift From Web 1.0 To Web 2.0.

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While Web 1.0 practiced a two-pronged architecture consisting of admin and viewer, Web 2.0 introduced a three-pronged structure comprising of admin, database, and user transitioning the architecture of presentation to participation. …

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From the read-only interface offered by Web 1.0, the introduction of Web 2.0 has opened various means of web communications making the web interface not only as a source of information, but also as an interactive zone. Blogs, wikis, social network sites, online games, and even e-commerce have redefined practices of communication in the postmodern times re-introducing the processes and activities in a globalized approach.
Starting from Web 1.0 as the first generation World Wide Web, the first web interface offered read-only contents via static websites with limited performance and visual parameters, zero to minimal interaction with the site, and most importantly, web communication fundamentally facilitated via e-mail. Shuen (2008) has described Web 1.0 as a digitized place for searching information, for making available and transmitting various downloadables, and for fashioning e-commerce approach from the traditional mail-based interfaces. Added by Oreilly (2007), Web 1.0 treated web as a platform for presenting information using one-way channel of communication with limited response mechanisms. For instance, Web 1.0 services, such as, Akamai, Ofoto, content management systems, and others, are the means utilized for conveying content, downloadables, and information. ...
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