Recommendations Solution for Marketing Issues

Recommendations Solution for Marketing Issues Case Study example
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The Classic Airlines has sustained over the years and has had some glorious days in the recent past. With a fleet of over 375 highly advanced passenger carriers, it needs to be highlighted that the airline company Classic Airlines, is significantly one of the largest airlines that has been dominating the skies of around 240 cities.


However, in the recent times, it can be said the airline carrier is plagued with various issues ranging from decreasing stock prices to fall of consumer loyalty as well as rising operating costs. This particular memo is in response to the marketing tactics that can be used to consolidate the airline’s position in the global market, while dealing with the issues related to fall in customer loyalty. It also needs to be mentioned that while designing the approach, focus was given on minimizing the operating cost of the airlines. Recommendation The recommended solution for the issues faced by the airline company on the lines of depreciating customer loyalty for the airlines is multi tiered in nature. Firstly, Classic Airlines, needs to focus more on listening to its customers, since they are the key revenue generator for the airlines Secondly, the airline needs to enter into a code sharing practice with another airline so that the company can get a strong and high flow of steady customers. ...
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