Individual Sales Activities Paper and Flowchart

Individual Sales Activities Paper and Flowchart Essay example
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Selling is loosely defined as a process where something is given in exchange of money (Cloete, 2001). Sales can be conducted between different types of groups such as business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), business to government (B2G), government to consumer (G2C) as well as consumer to consumer (C2C).however, this paper will mainly focus on B2B and B2C.


Business to business sales mainly involves sales between two different organizations and there are different strategies such as online marketing that can be used during the current period (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). There are various selling activities that are involved in business to business sales process as shown in the flow-chart below. Info negotiate info money info Info influence info goods info Figure 1 A model for e-commerce: B2B Source: Cloete, E 2004, E-Commerce: A contemporary view, Pardus Publication, CT. As shown in the diagram above, there is a seller and a buyer and there are different process involved when they try to exchange goods or services for money. The selling activities of the seller are shown on top of the diagram. The first activity is related to arrangment of information. The seller ought to arrange the information such that they are fully aware of what their intentions are and how they will execute the. The seller needs to find information about the customer. The second activity that is involved in B2B is related to finding the customer. The seller has an obligation of finding the customer so that they can negotiate if a sales deal can be reached. Before a sales deal is conducted between two businesses, negotiation takes place. ...
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