Zara case study analysis report

Zara case study analysis report Essay example
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At present the northern American and the EU nations are looking to comeback from the shock-waves of the economic down-turn. Downward economic trend may have transformed regular clothing purchases into luxury purchases.


In this fast fashion industry the threat of new entry is quite low; bargaining power of the buyers is quite high and the Rivalry among competitors is intense. The fast fashion apparel industry (UK in particular) is believed to be in the maturity stage. Zara gets strong financial back up from the parent company. Zara contains 1,751 stores and over 200 designers. To provide a fast fashion image to the customers Zara has been able to create a time-squashed manufacturing process. The potent human resource, lean distribution network and the economies of scale are the core competencies of the company.
The present study has been conducted in order to provide an in-depth analysis of the business environment the fast fashion and apparel industry along with the analysis of the business strategy of Zara. The study also look to provide recommended strategic actions that the company may need to adopt to achieve the desired objectives such as globalization. ...
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