Case Study Report - Introduction to Marketing

Case Study Report - Introduction to Marketing Essay example
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In this report we make a research on the market segmentation of Eco shack and Urban Eco shack made by Doug and Paul in New Zealand market. Considering the basic behaviour of the inhabitants and their changing needs they have come up with the ideas of making Eco Shack and Urban Eco shack.


They are efficient in their own term of making the product efficiently, however they did not have any proper marketing knowledge to launch their product. Here we try to help them by considering different issues to evaluate the market. What types of customers are able and like to buy the urban shack product is discussed by consumer segmentation. Here we try to find the group of customers, who will be their target customer. Next we try to identify the business segmentation of Eco Shack. Irrespective of the individual customers, in terms of B2B business that can be approached also the findings in this sector. The branding and positioning of the product also discussed here. What strategies will maximise the customer attraction is the main motto here. In pricing approach, the company is likely to use the cost based approach. What are the basic advantages and disadvantages of this approach is also discussed here. ...
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